Elly & Suman

I really love my clients. Elly & Suman are crazy in love and full of life. 

I really can't even begin to tell you how much fun this wedding was. How about the fact that when Elly finished getting ready we decided to take a few portraits outside of her home. Her neighbour was having a garage sale and yelled out 'Hey guys you should take photos on our carport roof! and while I thought the idea was crazy, Elly just said "YES LET'S DO THAT".

My heart sank of course but the photos looked awesome, GO ELLY.

Elly, entered the ceremony on a tandem bicycle with her brother in the beautiful surroundings of Fitzroy Gardens.

Partying on at East Elevation, they joyfully broke into a Bollywood dance, need I say more?

Thanks for having me!